BubbleBreaker for iPad

Special Launch Offer !! –>You save up 50%

BubbleBreaker! now for iPad, with the best graphics and resolution!.

Only for iPad and iPad2.

Now incorpored New World with:
– 15 new levels.
– New unlimited level.
– New LeaderBoard.
– New Weapon: Dispersive Head.

Enjoy the best Bubble Breaker!

– With 60 levels and 3 levels of difficulty for each level for a total of 180 levels.
– 5 special bubbles, with amazing effects!
– A level without limit, world ranking to see who goes further and makes the best score.
– With high-definition graphics for retina displays.

How to play:
– Do not use the arrows at the bottom, tap the screen, where you specifically want the bubble.
– Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to pop them.
– Complete all levels to unlock special bubbles.
– Make matches of 4 or more bubbles for a bubble special.
– Make combinations of 5 or more bubbles to win score multiplier.
– Make the best score in unlimited level once you have unlocked all the special bubbles.
– You never can finish this game!

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