Bubble Up Halloween

★ An addictive and fun game ★

With Bubble Up you are going to meet JANE , a cute little girl that tries to get to new heights in her spooky dreams.
To help her, you must make her jump on soap bubbles that appear in the air.
Pay close attention to the bubbles with costumes in it! These costumes give Jane special powers.

★ UNLIMITED gameplay
★ An arsenal of UPGRADES
★ COSTUMES with special powers
★ Super CUTE Graphics
★ GAMECENTER integrated
★ NEW stuff already on development

Also look out for bubbles with coins in it. These coins can be used to buy new costumes, they can be used at any time during the game by tapping on the screen.
Be quick and clever, avoid bubbles with an anvil in it and aim for the springs, this way you can take Jane even higher!
Don’t forget to buy as many upgrades as you can, they will enhance the flow experience!

Good Luck!

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