Bubble Trolls HD Lite

Bubble Trolls is a physics based arcade game where you use ripples to help Grunget the Troll ride a bubble downstream to his home under the bridge. Along the way you must avoid obstacles (including rocks, logs, turtles, fish, rapids, and more) that can pop the bubble and drown Grunget.

*** FEATURES ***

– Unique, addictive gameplay that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.
– 3 challenging courses. (25 in full version!)
– Game Center leaderboard integration. (Full version only.)


Grunget is cranky, all he wants to do is get home, and you must work very hard not to kill, drown or otherwise upset him. He will complain if you steer in the wrong direction, leave him stranded on a rock, or if he is scared.

– Tap the water to make ripples that will push the bubble in the direction you wish to go.

– Don’t tap directly on the bubble — bubbles are fragile — it will pop and Grunget will drown.

– Don’t overload the bubble with too many ripples. If you are overloading the bubble, it will turn red and Grunget will complain to warn you that it is about to pop. If the bubble turns red, let it cool off before hitting it with more ripples.

– If you leave Grunget stranded, you can pick him up with your next bubble. As you approach, tap on the stranded Grunget and he will call the bubble over. He will automatically jump in as soon as the bubble is close enough. Bubbles can hold 2 trolls maximum. With 2 trolls, the bubble will be larger and more fragile, but you will get extra points for finishing.

– Grunget loves to eat ham. Collect the hams scattered around the courses to keep Grunget happy and earn extra points.

– When you reach Grunget’s lagoon, the bubble will automatically steer itself to shore and deliver Grunget safely home.

Power Ups:

Float Bubble – pick up the purple butterfly wings and the bubble will safely float above all obstacles for a short time. While flying above the water, ripples won’t work, so tilt your device in the direction you want to steer. Make sure that you don’t land on any obstacles or critters, or the bubble will pop!

Tough Bubble – pick up the red and white life preserver, and the bubble will be protected for a short time. You can tap like crazy, and the protected bubble will safely bounce off any obstacles.

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