Bubble Shooter Free 2.0

The new Bubble Shooter is here!

Now with more weapons, more items, more levels and more specials!


Fight against your friends or anyone else, in the Bubble Fight Mode.

Is very easy to play: Make combos faster than your enemy!


– 4000 Levels and more coming.
– Now you can unlock different type balls and background images.
– Unlimited mode that never ends.
– 18 Weapons and extras with amazing effects.
– Universal app.
– High definition graphics for retina displays.

How to play:
– Do not use the arrows at the bottom, tap the screen, where you specifically want the bubble.
– Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to pop them.
– Complete all levels to unlock special bubbles.
– Make combinations of 4 or more bubbles to earn an special bubble.
– Make the best score in unlimited level, once you have unlocked all the special bubbles.
– This game don’t have finish.


Version 1.1: 16 New Levels

Version 1.2: Now you can select the size of the bubbles.

Version 1.3:Improved performance.

Version 1.4:
– 2 New Levels for free version.
– 16 New levels in full version.

Version 1.5:
– 2 New Functions added to maximize your destruction power.

Version 1.7:
– Now you can save your games.
– Save it with save game button or it will be automatically saved if your device close the game.

Version 1.8:
– 3 levels more, on the free version.
– 16 levels more, on the complete version.
– New button, to active or desactive the weapons.

Version 1.9:
– 3 levels more, on the free version.
– 32 levels more, on the complete version.

Version 2.0:
– 64 levels more, on the complete version.

Version 2.1:
– 400 levels more, on the complete version.

Version 2.5:
– New graphics!
– New music theme and SFX sounds!
– Improved and minimized menu!
– Direct link to support!

Version 3.0:
– Online mode!

Version 3.3:
– 2500 levels.

Version 3.5.4:
– 4000 levels.

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