Bubble Popp

Do you ever wonder what treasures are hidden down in the deep blue sea? Spanish gold? The British Crown Jewels? American dollars? Or even Canadian maple syrup? Play Bubble Popp now and find out yourself!

Bubble Popp is a beautifully illustrated Bubble Shooter game. Shoot bubbles into a field of colored bubbles and form groups of 3 or more like-colored bubbles to pop them.

Instead of having a bubble cannon you can use a BUBBLE SLINGSHOT. Just drag a bubble down and release to throw it up in the air. Don’t worry, the area of control is big enough to even meet the needs of bigger fingertips.

Play three levels and a bonus game in the CLASSIC mode, try to survive the SURVIVAL mode or just sit back, relax and pop some bubbles in PRACTICE mode.

Quippy, the nautilus, says:
“Have you noticed the bubbles in the menus? I wonder if you can pop them, too. ;-)
If you like Bubble Shooters then go and download BUBBLE POPP!!!”

These are some more amazing features you get in Bubble Popp:
✷ Hours of fun with the Bubble slingshot
✷ Pop bubbles in three different modes: Classic, Survival, and Practice
✷ Local high scores for Classic mode and Survival mode
✷ Vibration supported on iPhone
✷ Multitasking support in iOS 4
✷ A pretty cool, interactive menu reacting on your device’s movements

Become a Bubble Popp fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GameDuell.Mobile.Games

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