Bubble Pinch

Bubble Pinch is a fun and addicting fast paced game. Pop bubbles by pinching and swiping cool characters at them. The bubbles only get faster, so pop as many as you can before you miss five and the game ends. Bloops and Spazzes help you pop even more bubbles, and allow you to level up so you can unlock beautiful themes!

- Pinch with two fingers to pop bubbles!
- Bloops are green characters of different shapes; just swipe them at bubbles and they will pop them for you!
- Spazzes will automatically pop all the bubbles on screen to give you a moment to catch your breath.
- Bloops and Spazzes give you extra points the more bubbles they pop!
- See how long you can last and how many bubbles you can pop to make sure you’ve got the best score on Game Center!

- The more Bloops and Spazzes you collect, the more you’ll fill up your level meter!
- As you level up, you’ll unlock beautiful themes you can find in the Stuff menu to fit your style!

- Tired of pinching? Unlock the Tap to Pop and better your chances of popping more bubbles!
- By unlocking the Tap to Pop for only 99 cents, you will also unlock all the themes and get rid of the ads!
- Thank you for supporting small indie game dev teams like us!

Get ready to pinch your way to awesomeness!!!

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