Bubble Fish HD

★★★ Bubble fish HD! The ultra-popular online game strong swims into the mobile platform! ★★★
★★★Install the app then recharge and consumption right now you will get the collection of fish which only in PC version and pearls!★★★
Catch fish & Feed fish & Create fish! Shock fish& Steal fish & Sell fish! The most abundant fish in the history of bubbles ocean.Your world,you rule! Unprecedented fishing methods bring up wonderful catch fish experience! It has rich and exciting background story and the boss of each level showing his special prowess. Play full resourcefulness and enjoy PK pleasure!
★★★Common choice of the 20 million players★★★
★★★ Best Art Award SNS game in Renren.com★★★
★★★The best social game award of the third term WEBGAME and SNS operators of the General Assembly★★★

★ Features★
Beautiful picture of the fairy tale style, casual atmosphere of the game.
Unique background of the story, the fantasy of crossing adventure.
Free fishing and develop subtle compose with traditional underwater world.
Earn shells by feeding fish and selling fish.
Thousands of unique, brilliant colors and all kinds of fish.
The most playful of the fishing experience.
Achievement system to record the worthy precious moment of adventure!

★ Game Mode★
Touch screen, sliding around to control submarines fish level swim, tap and hold the screen so that the submarine fish released bubbles to catch a rare collection of fish.
Be careful to take care of colorful collection of fish in the tank, carry out transactions through the fish market, to get more unique collection of fish.
Open Medal by capturing, dispatching, buying fish.
★★★ Coming up! ★★★
Games on-line activities!!!Join the game now you can get Mobile version exclusive collection of fish exchange, as well as pearls!
★★★ On-line soon ★★★
New game from Raytoon “Dino Mites HD “,”THE HUMAN-KAZES “will take you into the familiar and fresh forge the world!

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