Bubble Fill Extreme

The object of this game is to fill in 70% of the screen with bubbles before time runs out. You score is base on the percent of the screen filled on every level.

Touch and hold the screen to create a bubble. The bubble will continue to grow in size while you touch the screen. When you left your finger from the screen the bubble will stop growing. If your bubble hits the side of the screen or any other bubble it will stop growing. If a star hits your bubble while it is growing it will pop. After ever level you will get more stars, and they will get faster.

The only option is to turn off the sound. Keeps the top five scores. If you have any problems with this game please contact me.

Try to Beat My Score
I have found this game to be very addictive. I’ve only made it to level 9 with a score of 996. If you can bet this score I would like for you to send me screen shot of your High Scores. My email is info@coeussys.com.

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