Bubble Duck TG


WOW! More than million people’s favorite game is coming! Yes, Bubble Duck arriving! Still playing those old fashion games on your smart phone? Would you like to try something new and different? Bubble Duck is not only a game about running but also different from all other original running ones. You normally need to go as further as you can to get a higher score in original games, but in this game you have to find a shortest way to arrive the destination.
WATER in this game also makes the game more unpredictable. You can’t play the game only with one finger, sometimes you have to switch your two fingers to make the duck go under the water against the buoyancy. You need to learn as quick as you can to get use to the changes in different levels.
You can get different ducks with different skills and plenty of equipment in the EQUIPMENT STORE. By purchasing some props and beautiful clothes in the shop, you will find yourself becoming stronger and more attractive( you can dress up in the show room). Remember, each equipment is designed to against its corresponding prop, you should find out what you need when you purchase. You can switch different ducks to play in different packs and in different levels.
You can switch the master from jump up to jump down with multi-touch function, you also can ROTATE the screen to accelerate or slow down the duck to pass levels easier.

90 levels across 5 colorful settings.
Game Center support for achievement and leader-boards.

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Firsly I thought it’s just a game about how far you get, but it really makes me surprised. I never found that a running game could be so cool just because of the water.—-Navil Spencer

Full of challenges! Although the levels full of challenges, I still cant stop playing it, I stuck on the 3rd pack 15th level and tried 14 times still cant get through, still trying…. —Jack Annmosphia

I have to say the first pack is okay, but the second one is a bit difficult for me, I am considering to get some equipment to try again. It really applies a lot skills to play this game.—Name 3

First play this game, I don’t know what those holes for. Finally I realized I can enter those holes to go with a shorter way. You never know whats gonna happen if you never try. —Name 4

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