Bubble Blocks 2

Blast Bomb Rocket and Smash your way through 80 levels of puzzling fun!

Pop the blocks and beat the levels. Use Bombs and Rockets for the best times, can you complete the levels fast enough to unlock all three stars?

Blast through 80 unique puzzle levels with Bombs, Rockets, Bubbles, Splats and more special blocks!

Join groups of 3 or more blocks to pop them and clear them from the board. Can you complete all 80 puzzles? An easy concept, but a challenging brain twister for later levels.

Collect stars for the fastest times and compare with your friends. Happy popping!!

More levels are planned for release throughout the year in packs of 20, look out for the first pack in March. Along with a level builder for building and sharing your own levels!

Also under development is a random level generator for endless bubble block popping fun!!

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