Bubble Blaze

Pop bubbles, collect treasure and defeat Sir Blackheart to recover the stolen Dragon Eggs in the best Bubble Adventure for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

The US and UK’s #1 Bubble Popping game!

“This app is so much fun and challenging even for adults! I would recommend this game to anyone of any age. LOVE IT!!!” – Sashasadie

“This game is awesome! My family loves it.” – NoisyNoi

“I absolutely love this game! Very addictive!” – Chance345

“The game packs crisp graphics, good sound effects and an amazing feel to the title.” Game of the day – GeeknTech.com

– Simple, intuitive tap and tilt controls means anyone can play!

– Exciting bubble-popping gameplay that will have you hooked!

– Unlock powerful boosts including explosive Fireballs and bouncing Dragon Pups!

– Help Blaze crack open Mystery Bubbles and overcome Cursed Bubbles as you battle your way to dastardly Blackheart’s Castle!

– Journey across a stunning world of Frozen Caves, Secret Waterfalls and Hidden Forest Villages!

– Win HUGE score boosts by tilting your device and nudging falling treasure into Bonus Pots!

– 50+ levels of challenging puzzles!

– Stunning visuals and crystal clear sound optimized for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

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