Bubble Blaster HD

Bubble Blaster is an exciting and engaging game for your iPad. You’ll be addicted to blasting bubbles to get the highest score possible. You only have 20 seconds to try and pop as many bubbles correctly that you can. You get a 100 points and 1 second added to your time for every correct bubble color you pop. For every correct bubble you pop, your multiplier will increase by 1. The larger your multiplier the more points you’ll score for each correct bubble you pop. Basically, if your multiplier is 19 and you pop the correct bubble color, your multiplier will go up to 20 and your score will increase by 20 * 100 or 2000 points! Be careful though! For every incorrect bubble you pop, you’ll lose 100 points and 2 seconds from your time. Once the timer ends, its game over! Make sure to post your high score to both Facebook and Twitter and compete amongst your friends to see who can score the most points!

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