Bubble Attack HD

Get ready to go Bubble fishing in HD!

Go underwater, wear eight arms and shoot bubbles from your mouth! It’s time to try bubble fishing. A fun new way to see a huge variety of fish, capture them in bubbles (without harming them) and avoid meeting sharks.

Bubble Attack will soon become your favorite “relax mode” game as there are no time boundaries to finish the game. Play it at your own pace, finish each level and try to get all 3 stars at the end.

•3 Awesome and unique power ups
•More enemies
•New environments to experience and new fish to capture
•Unlock all 60 levels and share your highscore!
•Tap to capture fish! Easy and simple controls.
•Beautiful HD graphics.
•Share your experience through Game Center, OpenFeint, Facebook, Twitter and e-mail.
•Can be enjoyed by the entire family.
•A hungry octopus!

Ready your underwater suit and go bubble fishing!

Also available for the iPhone/iPod

* Note: No fish were captured during the making of this game*

Email us: info@riseuplabs.com
Facebook: www.riseuplabs.com/facebook
Twitter: www.twitter.com/riseuplabs
Youtube: www.youtube.com/riseuplabs
Website: www.riseuplabs.com

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