Bubba the Blowfish

iPhone 5 & iPod touch 5 ready!

Bubba’s friends are lost in the deep blue sea. A rescue mission is on the way! Help Bubba swim through obstacles and find his buddies. The adventure of Bubba the Blowfish starts here now!

-5 stages (150 exciting levels)
-5 bonus mazes
-Numerous traps
-Special items on sale
-Shell packs available for great new stuffs
-Outstanding graphics
-Cute background music
-Gyroscope gameplay mechanics (*gyroscope-supported devices only)
-This app is designed for iPhone. It also runs on iPad, but could be a mini workout since it uses gyroscope.

*iPod touch 4 owners may experience minor lags due to limited RAM

•Tilt your device and navigate through levels
•Avoid hitting walls and traps
•Detonate bombs by swimming nearby
•Collect shells and special items
•Unlock doors and use the right elevators
•Spookies won’t chase you… as long as you look them in the eyes!
•Currents and volcanic eruptions are unpredictable, swim carefully~
•In bonus mazes, rescue your buddies in 60 seconds!
•Sometimes timing and order of route are very important!
•All levels can be cleared without using power-ups
•Big Whaley at your service
•Buy power-ups from Crabby’s Store
•Change Bubba’s color
•GO button calibrates the gyroscope

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