Bubba Boom

Billy Bob Hicks also known as Bubba Boom is a known redneck who risks his life putting out dynamite fuses for beer money.

Everyday Bubba Boom spits on his fingers and putts out dynamite fuses, all this for the fabulous sum of 1 dollar per dynamite.

After one day of hard work he relaxes on the porch drinking his pay. The next morning he starts over with the hope that he will survive the day and he can kick back with an ice cold beer.

Name: Billy Bob Hicks
A.K.A: Bubba Boom
Date of Birth: 1st of April 1969
Marital Status: Divorced
Hobbies: Beer, Hunting, Trucks, Nascar
Work Experience: 10 years experience in disarming explosives

This is a fun and original game. Enjoy!

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