Bright Quizzes Free

You think you know trivia?

How about The capital of Norway? The longest river in the world?

Well then you will have to give this a go.

Bright Quizzes is the Brand new Trivia/Quiz game. Hundreds of questions!

Get the Paid version for even more questions and updated ever 2 weeks, also new features for game play!

Try and get the highest score possible before the timer ends. Challenge your friends to beat your score by using Game Center.

This game has questions ranging from sports, geography, TV, movies, history, science, astronomy and more.

************How to play it?***************
Answer as many questions as you can.
The more you get in a row the higher your score.

Let the timer expire you lose points.
Let it expire 3 times you lose the game.

Get 3 wrong answers you lose points.
Get 3 wrong answers, you lose the game.

See how many in a row you can get before getting a game over.

Don’t think it ends there, Upgrade your Free version to the Paid version and get new game play and the question options will be updated brand new and every 2 weeks to keep you going and trying to test your knowledge. Plus New features to play with! The Paid version comes AD Free as well, no more rotating ads to look at just play!
Tell your friends and see how smart they are!

**Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with OS 4.1 or higher.**

You need OS 4.1 for Game Center to work.

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