Bridge the train Free – sliding flow blocks to bridge the gap in brain trainer & simple physics puzzle game

Hurry up! your quick wits is needed genius! A train is stuck in the way with boarded passengers and want safe passage. Come on and act as a constructor of the bridge and let the rail rush through the gap and find its escape!

Bridge the gap ahead by using sliding flow blocks & shapes of different sizes. Use you brainpowers, drag the pieces into place correctly within two minutes so that the train can drive from left to right without getting crash and help the people boarded in it. Let me give you some hints which may help you to solve the problem.

Some blocks will fall down as the game begins. Drag the blocks to any place you want. Rearrange and place them accurately and bridge the gap and then click play to move the train. If you are unable to put the pieces properly then the train gets an accident or cannot move forward, you will fail the level. Be careful you may also harm the train when you are dragging the blocks, so keep it in mind and avoid hitting the train.

Bridge the Train is a simple physics puzzle based game that will challenge not only kids of all ages but also the elders. The game becomes progressively difficult as you keep moving to higher levels.

•Many levels to unlock. Each next level becomes a bit harder than the previous one
•Solve the puzzle within 1 minute and get 3 starts and an amazing score
•Solve the puzzle within 2 minutes to survive the challenge
•Failing to do so and you fail the challenge but try try again
•A great physics-based sliding puzzle game to exercise your left brain
•Simple yet addictive brain trainer game
•Suitable for everyone kids, boys, girls and family
•Two more worlds coming soon

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