Brick Game HD

$$$$ Apple Features Brick Game HD in New & Noteworthy $$$$

Treat yourself to some recreation and fast paced fun with. Train your fingers to be as fast as you can in this game of silhouettes!

Experience the intricacy in this board game from casual to intense. Brick Game is one game that tests your logic and can be played whenever and wherever you feel like relaxing. The game play gets tougher and tickles your brain as you proceed towards higher levels.

Warning: Avoid accumulating the shapes to the top of the screen, if so the game will be over.

This game is a very old classic game, that literally keeps you going for hours.


• Unlimited Gameplay
• Option to rotate the shapes
• Integrated with Game Centre and OpenFeint for global scoring
• Cool graphics and soothing music

Appstore Achievements:

* Ranked 14 and 37 in Top FREE Puzzle and Arcade Games ****

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