Brick Breaker Master

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Brick Breaker Master is the latest instalment in the Brick Breaker genre, providing players with more control then ever in a Brick Breaker game. Players are now able to acquire power-ups and use them when the time is just right – like waiting for that perfect instance when the ball is surrounded by bricks to use that Multiball, or choosing to lengthen the paddle when things get tough. All in all, this makes for the most strategic, skillful Brick Breaker yet!


– 4 unique, acquirable Power-Ups including MultiBall, LeadBall and Missiles
– 43 hand-crafted levels (and growing)
– Game Center rankings
– simple, minimalistic interface
– Intuitive controls – simply tap or slide your fingers on touch screen to move paddle


Brick Breaker Master is currently available on all iOS 6 iPhone and iPod Touch devices


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