Breaking Eggz

Break eggs to your heart’s content!

*** NEW! Earn real world rewards while you play with our new Kiip integration! ***

This fast-paced and addictive game will keep you occupied for more time than you’d like to admit. Use hammers to break through dozens of eggs, collecting items and using power-ups as you progress through the stages. Play a little, or play a lot; that satisfying crunch will have you coming back for more.


“Breaking Eggz was a nice break from the titles that I normally play, and it’s rightfully cemented its place within my other to-stay applications.” — (4.5/5)

“I love the design philosophy of Breaking Eggz. Never forcing the player to purchase anything to get ahead makes me happy.” — (7.5/10)


✓ No ads or nag screens!
✓ Universal App
✓ Retina (HD) Support
✓ Game Center Achievements

✓ Draw circles with your fingers to use multipliers
✓ Draw a five point star to use a full star

Download today and let’s get cracking!


Breaking Eggz does utilize In-App Purchases. If you like Breaking Eggz and would like for us to continue making updates and new games, please make an In-App Purchase to show your support.

Our In-App Purchases are fairly priced and are meant as a way for you to support us.

Breaking Eggz does not require in-app purchases and you can enjoy the game without purchasing them.


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