Breakfast Pig Skateboard Racing Game – Free Version

Ready for breakfast? Mmmmmm
The Breakfast pig needs some bacon!!!

Mr Piggy on a skateboard is racing his way to the end of the egg mountains, but if you don’t tap him at the right time and get the correct speed then you’re not going to get there.
He’s short for time so it’s a race to the finish

✓ Watch your speed monitor and if the bluberry runs out of power then you must start over.
✓ Continuous play, you can go on forever if you are good enough!
✓ Compete in the high score leader boards
✓ Collect breakfast items as you race the clock

Mmmmm Bacon and Eggs, waffles and berries…

The food it dissapearing but this popular game is here to stay!

Voted best addicting game by 100 testers, and top thing to do when bored!

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