Breakdown HD Plus

****Featured in New & Noteworthy under Strategy Category****

Breakdown will never let you down with its unique gameplay, made just for your entertainment!!!

Breakdown challenges with 40 levels of amazing gameplay. Sharpen your skills with limited time and with unlimited supply of bombs. Bring down the Alien structure to rubble using your attack strategy.

Breakdown is an action-packed strategy game with an appealing graphic, styling and plenty of excitement to keep you on your toes. Test your nerve in this simple yet addictive split-second reaction game.

Regardless of your interest and skill level, you’ll never get bored with Breakdown. There’s fun for everyone. You’ll be itching to play each level one more turn and for hours.

Bombing has never been this fun!


• 40 exigent levels
• Stimulating game play, graphics and music
• Static blocks are present in higher levels
• OpenFeint and Game Center integrated for global scoring

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