Break the Cookie

PERFECT METHOD OF STRESS RELIEF! Do Cookie what ever you want with! Therefore we guarantee the weapons for you!

★★★ More than 300 thousand downloads worldwide!★★★

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★★★ From the makers of STICKMAN MISSION, JUMP BIRD JUMP ★★★

We created a really funny and amusing game for you. You can do everything COOKIE, the cookie-man with!


Key Features:
➡ Fully physically simulated!
➡ This is truly interactive game!
➡ 6 categories
➡ 44 weapons
➡ 5 backgrounds
➡ Lots of ways to punish or entertain your little Cookie!
➡ Break the Cookie and earn money for buying new weapons, items, and mini games!
➡ An easy concept with tons of replay value!
➡ Enjoy breaking the Cookie on a beautiful Retina display!

➡ Now you get a really funny thing! You can choose one of your FACEBOOK-FRIEND and show, what kind of funny things would you like to to with them. Then you can post it on your wall. The bests will get our award.

Grab this game to ensure you’re never without a way to lower your blood pressure or a perfect tool to kill a few spare minute!

For one low price you get the Retina enabled iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch versions of the game!

Throw him many times, and he goes to fall apart, just like a real cookie. But you also can EXPLODE him, HIT him, SHOOT him with a rocket or simply DRIVE HIM OVER.

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