Break The Code

Break the secret code using logic and memory.

Played with numbers instead of colors, this is an easy yet challenging brain-training game in the style of logic thinking made popular by Sudoku, and will exercise your brain and logic, actually improving deductive reasoning if played daily.

How to play:

You have to guess the secret code for the “vault” by trying different numeric codes(no repeating digits) on the keypad. For each code entered, the computer gives out clues:

• blue – one for each digit that belongs to the code, but was placed on a wrong position
● red – one for each digit that was guessed on the correct position
● if no square was lit, then none of the digits you entered belongs to the secret code (not even on the wrong position).

Easy? Eliminate wrong digits, use logic and deduction to swap around the right ones and you’ll be able to crack the code!

Stuck? Use Hints to learn one of the digits composing the secret code!