Brave Escape: Monsters VS Ninjas – Free Game

It’s all fun an games being a tiny toy monster right? Not when your owner is an angry ninja! You have been part of the angry ninja’s private collection of toys for years and you and your tiny toy monster friends are tired of being sliced up and stitched up… its time to make a Brave Escape!

That’s right, you and your friends are ready to make a jump for it and escape from the angry ninja’s secret lair. But be warned, he doesn’t want you to leave so there are many obstacles along the way. Hot lava rocks, super springs, dangerous heights and flying ninjas lie waiting to take you back down in the secret lair. But that doesn’t matter because you are ready to make your Brave Escape.

And you don’t have to do it alone. Collect the tiny tokens along the way so you can unlock your friends… crazy cool tiny toy monsters like Sharpy the Shark, Meanie Moose, the Zesty Zombie and many more. Remember when you band together anything is possible so collect those tokens and free your tiny toy monster friends.
Brave Escape is an exciting jumping adventure from Awesome Wicked Games that is sure to put a huge smile on your face. You get:

★ Classic and engaging game play that will leave you wanting for more
★ Hilarious and loveable characters that are destined to become classics
★ Amazingly detailed renders of Beautiful 3D graphics
★ Fun and playful sounds that will have you laughing out loud
★ Facebook and Twitter integration
★ Game Center enabled so you can share your score and challenge friends
★ Endless hours of family friendly fun

“Help free the tiny toy monsters… they need your help and it will make me happy!” ~ Emma (A Really Cute Kid)

IMPORTANT! By playing Brave Escape you may find yourself hopelessly addicted to endless hours of escaping fun. You may find yourself wanting to become a Lazy Lion, a Dizzy Dragon or even a Bewildered Beaver. You may even find yourself dressing as an Angry Ninja and slicing up your toys… or your kids toys… whatever works :)

And everyone thinks they are just tiny monster toys… I don’t think so!

➤ Install Brave Escape today. It’s free!

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