Brainy Kids with Roxy the Star

Rank No.1 in Taiwan and India App Stores (Game/Educational/Kids)!! Professionally designed questions to strengthen your child become more whole-brained. Your child will answer 20 questions, which measure his/her proficiency in observation, art, analysis, math, and logic. After answering each question, your child will watch an animated demonstration of the thought process required to find the correct choice from among three possible answers provided. It’s designed to foster development of both hemispheres of your child’s brain, enhancing his/her spatial and analytic skills.

– Animated Answers: Every question has an animation to explain the steps of getting the correct answer; your child can see exactly how the problem is solved, and he/she learns
– 5 Ability Analysis: questions test 5 kinds of cognitive skills: observation of complete figures and shape recognition; artistic awareness of color and pattern; contextual and practical problem analysis; basic math operations; and categorization and logical sequences
– Each of the 5 kinds of cognitive skills is scored separately at the end of the game
– More than 100 questions: A wide variety of engaging questions stimulate development of, and coordination between, both left and right hemispheres
– Collect Stars: each question your child gets right will earn a star, which becomes a firefly when touched
– Lots of Animations: more than 100 animations to keep your child’s interest in game play

Developmental psychology has long known that the first eight years of a child’s life are more important than any other comparable period of cognitive growth. Surrounded by speakers of their native language, kids naturally learn to speak quickly and easily. Non-verbal skills, however, may not necessarily be optimally stimulated as part of learning language. Brainy Kids with Roxy the Star is a thoroughly enjoyable game for kids that has been specifically designed to help in the development of non-verbal cognitive skills.

Kids are enthusiastic about these puzzles. Each one tickles a distinct aspect of their nascent capabilities for thought and reasoning. Once stimulated, kids delight in activating the enormous potential of their complete neurophysiology. Brainy Kids is filled with action, color, and humor, suggesting that the Brainy Kids can also be the kids who have the most fun.

– Patterns – similar graphical patterns are given, and your child needs to find the correct match
– Sequencing – dog, cat, flower, dog, cat, ___; what comes next?
– Finding the best solution – a girl needs something to eat spaghetti, and your child will need to find the best solution
– Counting – 7 fishes in the river, and 2 are caught; how many left? Count and find the right answer. Remember to match the color of fishes as well!
– Observation – find a similar shape in the given objects
– Several geometric figures are given, and your child needs to find a correct match

– Does not collect or share any of your information.
– Does not contain in-app purchases.
– Does not contain any third-party ads.

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