The Marble Solitaire Game!

This game will bring your childhood memories back!

BrainTaire is played on board where 4 squares are joined in such a way each square share one Marble with neighboring square leaving a center hole empty. With this new version there are lot of combinations and challenges to existing Marble Solitaire. We have created a a new design for Marble Solitaire with 5 Square joined in such a way 4 surrounding squares share one piece with center square. The objective of game is to leave only one Marble on board after game is finished. When a Marble jumps over another Marble to empty spot the middle Marble get removed from board.

How To Play

It is a very simple game. You win the game by leaving only one marble on the board. To start, you touch a marble over an adjacent marble , by jumping over it, you clear marble. You need to continue this process till one marble is left or you can not jump.

There are total of 6 Level in this version with each level has many more combinations of games. Unlike classic solitaire, this game never starts at center position. This game can be played more than 50 different ways.


* Great User Interface
* Three Undo options
* More than 50 ways , every game is different and challenging.
* Can listen to iPod music while playing.
* Game gets saved when application exits , interruptions like phone calls are managed.
*Integrated with Game Center!

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