BrainMania HD

***** BrainMania HD is avaible for iPad ! *****

BrainMania is an addictive game ! There are four part in the game such as Memory, Calculation, Logic and Visual. You should remember the location of the images which is shown int the squares in the Memory Part and calculate the math operations which is asked randomly in the Calculation Part. Third part is Logic and you should find the matching answer according to first combination. Fourth part is Visual and tap on the numbers in ascending order and tap on the letters in alphabetical order in the Visual Part.

BrainMania is an enjoyable and addictive game.

You can earn achievements while playing BrainMania and you have the opportunity to beat high scores and you can share your scores and achievements on “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

BrainMania is OpenFeint enabled.

Features :

– Four part such as Memory,Calculation,Logic and Visual
– Each part contains 5 difficulty levels.
– 9 different achievements.
– OpenFeint enabled.
– Retina Display support.
– You can share your scores on Facebook & Twitter.

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