Bite-size puzzles! Perfect snacks to train your brain any time of the day. Choose from six treats in the BrainBox:

1) Fastmath – go for speed on basic math problems
2) Fifteen – slide or tap 1 to 15 into order
3) Sudoku – chose from 1000 sudoku puzzles of varying difficulty levels
4) Sequence – view a set of numbers and recall their location
5) Wordsort – see how fast you can alphabetize words
6) Wordbuilder – build words from a set of letters

Games are quick and fun, and become progressively more challenging as you play so you don’t get bored. Use the Stats icon to view your accumulated daily points.

Connect with Facebook and challenge friends or family to try the games and post scores.

Fastmath, Fifteen, and Sudoku can be used in landscape mode.

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