Brain Reactor Lite

This is a free version of the two-player fast reaction game Brain Reactor.
Play this game to see how fast your brain can react!

Added Single-Player Mode (Easy,Medium,Hard)!

Added localization for 6 more languages:
Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Spanish!

Brain Reactor includes 10 brain games, designed to challenge your attention, processing speed, mathematics skills, general knowledge, etc.

* Count Shapes
* Capitals of countries
* Hit when “color”
* Three same fruits
* Shape collision
* Equations
* Countdown
* Car reaction
* Find the bitten apple
* Color words
* Cards
* Brain shift
* Rhymes

Games in PRO version
* Animal sounds
* Country flags
* World currencies
* Symbol match
* Crazy traffic light

Have fun with BrainReactor!

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