Brain Ninja Lite

Brain Ninja is a maths calculations and operations based fast paced game to provide a daily exercise for Brain to become like a Ninja. Not just healthy body but a true Ninja is really having a healthy Mind.
Brain Ninja will provide various levels of activities , fun and game based which will train and test your mind power. It will keep Brain parts active and keep producing adrenaline
Do it like 20minutes a day to regain brain power, speed up thinking and improve focus, De-stress and yes above all maths and brain can provide same level of satisfaction, gratification addiction like any other Game
Various research around the world by major companies have proven this beyond fact, that keep engaged not just in mindless games but also in some activity based Mind games to keep a coordination of body and Mind
Not only for adults it can be used by Teens and Junior smart kids to improve concentration, focus and love for maths in their building years of career.
Oh and most importantly this is free to try

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