Brain Machine for iPad


Thank You All for the downloads and making this app a great success. We have always worked towards making app that you needed the most. This app is a great example to showcase the advantage it would render to kids in learning and playing with numbers.

We now have the “Brain Machine for iPhone” in the Appstore.

Your rating and reviews will help us develop better application and serve you better.

Brain Machine for iPad will fine tune your logical thinking and improve your mathematical skills. This game is designed to provide challenges involving mathematical thinking and reasoning. Its not just educative but also a good entertainer for all ages.

Brain Machine is nothing but solving the simple math problems. There are two types of math equations to be solved in this game.
1. Finding the Value – Fill correct values in the blanks spaces between the operator to produce the value given already.
2. Finding the correct operators – Input correct operators between the two numbers to produce the value already given
Brain Machine is easy to understand and easy to learn math. It is also a fun to play with numbers. Add, Subtract, Multiply or divide do anything but get the right value as given in the answer to win the game.

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