Brain Labs

“Very Simple but Attractive Brain Test –”

Brain Lab is a Brain and Puzzle game like Brain Age and luminosity that will get everyone addicted.
Play everyday and improve your short-term memory, your logic, your calculation and your visual skills in this fun brain training.
Brain Lab is also an educational game that is addressed at audiences of all ages, kids and adults.

Simple yet addicting app like brain age, Brain Lab tests your brain power based on your game performance on memory, logic, calculation and visual.
Share your best score on Facebook / Twitter and impress your friends with your Brain Power!

Are you ready to get your brain tested ?

Brain teasers game features :
– Test your Brain Power with this brain trainer on your game performance on memory, logic, calculation and visual !
– Compete with your friends to see who is the smartest !
– Compete with players all over the world to see who has the highest brain power!
– Boost your IQ
– Look at your statistics to know what your highest and average scores are !


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