Brain Hawk: Dev

In the paid version, get all 30 levels and 500 coins free with the App.

Brain Hawk for iPhone is an amazing App for children & adults to enhance brain’s capacity with lot of fun. This App first shows a number of animated images/pictures and then turns them over in a few seconds. The user can try to remember the location of the Bomb image/s and the location of other similar images.

The User can start playing by tapping similar images to gain maximum coins and avoid tapping the Bomb image. If the user taps the Bomb image before tapping all other images, the game is lost and begins from Level 1 again. If the user wishes to continue the game from the same level, he or she needs to spend 10 coins to do so. With each level being cleared, number of given images keep increasing and your memory keeps enhancing. This innovative App has 30 levels starting from 4 images in level 1 to 88 images in level 30.

•Attractive Animated Images
•Pleasing Layout
•Soothing User Interface
•Easy Navigation For Children
•Freedom To Continue To Higher Levels By Purchasing Coins

To conclude, this wonderful iPhone Gaming App that helps enhance brain’s capacity and it can keep Children and Adults engaged for hours at a time.

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