Brain Games 3 IN 1

Keep your brain sharp with Brain Games!

Studies show that regular brain exercises can actually help reduce memory loss. Our games are cleanly designed with easy to follow instructional tutorials that make game play intuitive (but not necessarily easy!) All of our games are timed so that you can track your performance. Use the “Challenge Friends” option to compare your score with friends. Watch out – the levels get harder as you go!

We offer three different Brain Games, each with multiple levels:


The Last One is our variation on the classic peg solitaire. Your objective is to clear the board of all but one peg. To clear a peg, you must jump over it with a neighboring peg. Once you’ve cleared all but one peg you advance to the next level. Each level offers a different shape board with different number of pegs – keeping game play different each time.


Untangle a star with Crazy Star! Crazy Star is composed of pieces that are connected to each other with lines. Your objected is to move these pieces around so that none of the connecting lines cross each other. Once you clear a line so that no other line is crossing it, it turns blue. Once all of your lines are cleared and blue, you advance to the next level.


Slide pieces of the puzzle horizontally or vertically to match the pattern shown. How quickly can you match it? In how few moves? Once you match a puzzle you advance to the next. Puzzles change shape with each level and get increasingly difficult.

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