Brain Fu

Brain Fu is a multiplayer online trivia game for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. A crafting system allows players to create the questions and fun facts to earn points while they offline. Over 7000 questions and counting!

The games are live, realtime and global. You get the same questions as everyone else in the world who is playing with you.

The top 10 players at the end of every month will become “Legendary” players. Legendary players get access to the Game Center leaderboards. There are 51 Game Center achievements to unlock. There is also an in-game achievement system allows you to earn accolades for your legendary character.

Points multipliers are triggered by real world events such as full moons, solar flares, earthquakes, financial markets and when large groups are playing the game.

Track your rank throughout the game and on the global high scores list. Check the game credits for your name.

Push notifications can be enabled to alert you when real world events occur or when a specific trivia multiplier is reached so you can join up and use the multipliers to your advantage.

For a video of the game watch

Game play occurs online and can not be enjoyed without a connection to the internet. A Game Center accounts is required to play Brain Fu. You must be signed into Game Center to play.

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