Brain Busters Trivia

Gone are the days of nerdom, all of those years as a bookworm with your nose buried in pages at the library.
Now you’re a fly casual gaming maniac on the run, fiercely competing on your mobile and tablet like a true gamer junkie.
If you’re a cool gamer on the outside but a dorky intellectual deep down, pick your brain with Brain Busters, the hottest thing to hit the market since Nicki Minaj.

Test your nerdieness with questions on business, food & drinks, and geeky technology. Invite your friends to play or hook it up for a challenge with a total stranger. Save your score and post your personal best on Facebook for the whole world to see what a freaky brainiac you are. Now get going- play the game and put some nerdy brainpower to the test!

* hundreds of questions in a variety of subjects
* share your score of Facebook
* challenge your friends and see who’s the bigger nerd

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