Combining simplicity and fun, Coloring Book introduces children to the names of all basic objects while developing their sense of vision and creativity.

Finger painting was never so easy and fun.
Carefully designed for small ages the app is Child-Safe and extra easy to use.

In this easy to use and fun drawing application you’ll find:
Marvelous sound effects are played in the background to provide an attractive and reach experience.

What’s Inside:
• Beautiful colorful backgrounds to enrich the experience!
• Comfortable-changable and easy to use brush sizes
• Multi-Touch finger coloring enabling a unique painting experience
• Save your drawing to gallery
• You can listen each drawing.
• 64 Amazing coloring pages, in 8 categories: (available with in-app purchase)
Note: The Five coloring page of each category is completely free. Many more coloring pages are available in a easy to use in-app purchase inside the application.

For Information and Support :

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