Boxing Mania

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Strike down a gang of bad guys and fight alongside Robbie to recover the girl of his dreams, Mikaela.

Robbie was a happy-go-lucky guy enjoying a peaceful school life. That was before, until Gregory his arch nemesis kidnapped the girl of his dreams. Now it’s up to Robbie to defeat Gregory’s lackeys, who employs sneaky tactics in fights, to try and defeat them and rescue Mikaela.

Introducing 10 unique characters each with their own special signature moves that makes the combats exciting. Fight alongside Robbie in 20 levels with striking HD backgrounds and moving story illustrations. Get the right timing and unleash your special ability on your opponent and win back Mikaela.

The Battle is On!

– 10 cartoon fighters to LOL while you fight them
– 20 engaging levels that will put you in Robbie’s world
– Leaderboard to compare scores with friends
– Facebook & Twitter integration
– Simple controls, just tap left-right-left (then your special move!)

– Any questions or suggestions?
– Any problems/crashes?
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