Box Rush Lite

Warning: Box Rush is a very challenging and extremely addicting balance game.

Box Rush is our latest tricky game that is easy to adapt but hard to master. Use your skill to stack all of the shapes onto the cart and make the cart reach its destination. Sounds too simple?
The intricacy of the game begins to reveals once you start moving the cart towards the destination.

Balance your driving and avoid dislodging the shapes off the cart. With every level you perfect your driving skills, and you perfect your balance as you proceed to higher levels.
{The Catch – Complete the task before time elapses}

It’s going to be a lot of fun, and every second can make a difference!

Challenging Features:
• 25 tough levels
• Appealing graphics and sound
• Time Factor varies with Level Complexity
• Various Shapes to Balance – Rectangle, Square, Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Circle

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