Bowling Paradise

Play an amazing 3D bowling game with many great features you are looking for.
It is a paradise for bowling. Everyone can play and enjoy it.


“Great Zen-like 3D bowling experience with lots of customization” CrazyMikesapps

“Bowling Paradise is chockfull of casual game goodness that can be enjoyed by all
gaming skill levels” AppstoreArcade


✓ Eight unique, beautiful locations to play bowling
– Beach (peaceful and relaxing)
– Garden (fresh and relaxing)
– Slope (exciting – ball rolling down a wavy path)
– Camping (quiet camping night)
– Dome (classic, luxury)
– Space (high impact – ball can fly in the air)
– Mushroom (imaginary land)
– Lights (special light effects)

Each location has its own atmosphere and gameplay to keep you playing for hours. You can play alone, with friends or family members.

✓ Realistic physics engine
✓ Beautiful fireworks for each location
✓ Different player modes
– Single
– Against CPU (3 levels: Easy, Challenging, Hard-to-win)
– Pass and play, up to 4 players

✓ 10 beautiful pin sets to choose from. Player can select up to 10 sets, one for each frame
✓ 10 custom balls. Player can select up to 10 balls, each ball for each throw.

✓ More fun with different controls to add spin to the moving ball by
– swiping left or right
– tilting your device
– combination of both above actions

✓ High resolution graphics for Retina display
✓ Two camera viewing modes
✓ GameCenter integration : leaderboard and achievements

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