Bounty Hunter Wild West Duel HD

Rise to the best bounty hunter – or even lawman – in the Wild West! The outlaws and their guns are fast, but you can be faster. Standing in guard of justice, you win your freedom and get hefty rewards for the bad guys’ heads.
Use your iPhone to shoot the most wanted outlaws in realtime augmented reality duels. You can challenge the most skilled gunslingers from around the globe and prove your shooting is better. With the state-of-the-art guns and defense that are waiting for you, the outlaws have no chance.

-Realtime multiplayer gunfight.
-Augmented reality duels: watch out, the criminal can be anywhere!
-Interactive shootout: while you’re aiming at the outlaw, he’s aiming at you!
-Practice mode for training and offline playing.
-Duel achievements posted on your Facebook timeline.
-Unique Facebook leaderboard.
-Real-life historical gun models – even more are coming up.
-Advanced defense, making you harder to get.
-Realistic gun artwork like in Django unchained movie
-Gorgeous retina display optimized art for the latest iPhone and iPod touch.

Start your bounty hunter adventure right now! For more info, feedback and support, check out our website

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