Bouncy Criminal Jail Escape

Help the poor criminal to run and collect points as much as you can. The goal is simple , help criminal jump to collect coins and dollars , get rid of black handkafts as that will bump you down . and touching a jailer will boost your speed to 10X times .

Use your physics and logistics capabilities to run and collect maximum of points .With a limited amount of taps, get rid of the obstacles on the criminals way out.
With amazing graphics and effects, the fun is endless .

This is a universal app that supports iPad and iPhone
– Beautiful graphics and fun music
– Intuitive Game play and touch gestures
– Amazing animations and characters and number of levels to play from.
Every level gets more addicting, fun and challenging! Seems easy? Prove it!

Still thinking ? we have lite version too which is free with ads .

We value your feedback and we try our best to support you as much as we can @

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