Bottle Hero

HURREY! Free for a limited time. Get your copy now!

Pelichef Game House presents “Bottle Hero”.

✓ Totally original game concept.
✓ Original and addictive game play.
✓ High Quality Graphics.
✓ Entertaining and Realistic sound effects.
✓ Different bars with different game play from different cultures. (More bars will be added on.)
✓ Unique and characteristic bonus modes for each bar.
✓ 4 different bottles with different opening styles. (More bottles will be added on.)

You will try to open bottles by swiping in the correct direction and catch bottle caps. During the game you can relax and open bottles more easily with bonus modes.

You will test your reaction time, coordination, memory and focus with “Bottle Hero”.

“Bottle Hero” is a good and a new reason to compete with your friends. You can share your records with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. You can also put your name on the global record list.

Just try once and you will get addicted to this highly entertaining game.

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