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Survive waves of enemies for two minute rounds. Each stage gets trickier and enemies get more unique and more difficult. After completing a few stages you’ll face the level’s end boss.

After defeating the end boss you will proceed to the next stage. Their are two campaigns, one with five bosses and the other with seven. Each are unique from each other with different stages, enemies and boss challenges.

With 100+ stages and 12 bosses, you’ll be challenged with properly managing gold and gear to take on these powerful enemies.

Their are 8 heroes each offering it’s own uniqueness. Each hero is completely different from the other and offers slight advantages and disadvantages. Some heroes might seem weaker in the start of the game, but end up being much more powerful in the end.

All characters are able to purchase special additional weapons and armor that benefit in completely different ways. They can also be upgraded so that you produce more of that weapon.

There is also an endless mode that sends waves of units at you until you die. This also helps you collect points that help you purchase better gear and upgrades throughout the main game.

This game is really easy to pick up and offers a lot of strategy and enjoyment. Thank you for playing my game and if you have any questions or issues, please send me an email directly and I’ll get back to you right away.

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