If you think the chicken & biscuits at Bojangles’ are addictive, wait’ll you start playing the digital version of the most popular tailgating game ever: Cornhole! But that’s just one of the features of the It’s Bo Time! app from Bojangles’.

• The Growl Alarm lets you set a stomach growl sound to go off whenever you want people to drop everything and head to Bojangles’.

• Bo Time Alerts allows you to invite friends to meet up at your favorite Bojangles’.

• Find A Bo helps you locate the nearest Bo to go to.

And, of course, there’s Digital Cornhole, where you can swipe your finger or even swing your phone to toss beanbags in pursuit of an elusive cornhole. Play the computer or Pass & Play with friends.

So, what’re you waiting for? Download the new app from Bojangles’ and you’ll be saying It’s Bo Time! in no time.

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