Bot Blaster for iPad

You are the AV.17 bot.
Developed to take down the threat of the SM.82 bots that are attacking the inner system of your device.

Your mission is simple.
Blast SM.82 bots while
maintaining your energy level which allows for your mobility.

“Fun game, easy to play, and challenging to achieve high scores. Check it out.”
Video Review by the

Collect energy from fallen SM.82 bots to maintain your mobility.

•Action packed sound effects and visuals.

•On screen touch controls.
(Duel thumb/joystick)

•New Hi resolution graphics that support the RETINA display!

•Updated the in-game SM-82 bots blasted counter that runs along the top.

• Added auto energy recharge, after running out and staying stationary for a few seconds, your energy will start to recharge itself a bit.

• Added new LEADERBOARD! Now you can compete against your friends and blast bots to see who can stay on top!

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