In defiance of bossholes everywhere, this is your chance to restore sanity to the workplace and contribute just a touch to world peace (or at least slay some zombie middle managers). Your assignment, should you chose to accept it, is to go floor by floor and skirt the obstacles and complete the tasks in an effort to defeat the evil Bosshole. You will have weapons, just use them wisely. Also, do be careful of office temptations, like the sultry office flirt. They could be your downfall. Invite your friends to a throwdown to see who can reach the level of Bosshole. Restore the sanity!

-Fight zombies while completing office tasks in pick up and play story mode.
-Defeat the Bosshole on each floor and conquer The Man!

-Take over a company to defeat the CEO and invite your friends to help.
-Become a supervisor and move your way up while keeping others down.
-Request challenges, promotions and put a bounty on that special person.
-It’s just like real life but without that giant MBA loan!

Will you defeat the Bosshole or become one? Either way, you’re going to need a bigger keyboard.

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