Born To Fly: Bug's Survival

Take control of our cute ladybug, escape from other insects and try to survive!

Born To Fly: A Bug’s Survival is an addictive platform game inspired by the classic popular jump and run genre of the 1980s – but your bug has the ability to fly! You will need quick reflexes and the right timing to survive as long as possible. Collect clovers to score!


* Control your bug through five worlds (four outdoor worlds and one cave world)
* Collect clovers for energy, avoid obstacles and fight other insects
* Find several power-ups such as the rocket boost
* Face different animals: ants, worms, bumblebees, snails and flies
* Compete with other players from around the world in the Game Center
* Generated levels – every game is a new game!
* Increasing difficulty with higher levels (like more obstacles, animals, platform gaps)
* Nice, cute, friendly graphics and easy gameplay


* Play the game with both hands
* Tap the flight button to jump and fly
* Tap left/right to run when your bug is on the ground
* Tap left/right to fly left and right when your bug is the air
* Touch the attack button to engage other animals or jump on their heads to defeat them
* Copter physics: Holding down the flight button will increase your altitude and you will land when you stop touching the flight button

Don’t run too far – you are “born to fly”! Get the best free bugs game now!


Please note: Bugs can’t die in this game – when your bug gets hurt, it will only lose energy. When your bug has run out of energy, it will fall asleep.


Born To Fly: A Bug’s Survival is not only for children but suitable for all ages.


If you like Born To Fly: A Bug’s Survival, please tell your friends about it and look out for our other fun games – we have some more great platform jump and run and animal games waiting for you!


An iPhone 4, iPad 1 or higher is recommended for the full game experience.

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