Boom Town

Now is your chance to own your own gold mine! Become a pioneering, gold mining tycoon and create a frontier Boom Town. The hit online game is now available to play anywhere, anytime.

Wild West charm meets high tech explosives in this mash up quest for gold and glory.

Start your days with a little capital, a small truck and the dream of building an empire where the streets are paved with gold. You’ll need strategy and cunning to find the best mining spots, manage your running costs and time the gold market to hit the big time.

Grow your mining enterprise well and you’ll be able to expand your business into city planning, building saloons, shops and parks to boost your wealth. As you build, settlers will flock to your town pursuing their own slice of the thriving economy, building homes and communities around your businesses.

Soon your town will take on a life of its own, booming out of control. When settlers desperate for a piece of the action start setting up camps near your mine, you may have to make tough decisions. Let them settle, take their taxes and mine elsewhere or evict them swiftly with well placed explosives, the choice is yours.

- What the people say about Boom Town -

JayIsGames: 4.6/5

“This game is COMPLETELY addictive. The updates are well-placed, by having to balance between city building, buying land, and upgrading your supplies gives this an interest/investment ratio that is extremely high.”

“Addicting doesn’t even begin to explain it…”

“This is a awesome game that is good when you want to relax Thanks thepodge for this”

- Features -

- Hours of engrossing varied game play.
- Full in-game instructions and intuitive touch controls.
- Unique mix of city building simulation, upgrades and strategy.
- Manage and upgrade your gold mine and use the proceeds to build your town and become the ultimate gold mining tycoon.
- Explosive mining.
- Drive your truck and collect the gold.
- Randomly generated landscapes, infinite re-playability.
- No pressure casual game-play. Play at your own speed, no need for lightning fast reactions, no timers – perfect for touch screen gaming.
- 25 achievements to unlock.
- 6 challenges to complete based on the population of your town.
- 12 high explosives to unlock.
- 60+ upgrades to buy.
- 22 amenities to discover and build, including shops, parks, casinos and more.
- 11 different residential buildings that develop organically.
- Play the gold market – store your gold in a vault and sell it when the price is favorable.
- Game Center high scores.
- Compatible with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

Boom Town!

“Unbelievably addictive – seemed so simple but turned out to be so rich!” – Joe the Gamer

“Looking for a refreshing alternative to poker and Angry Birds – Boom Town is it!” – gamebonkers

Boom Town is an original puzzle game in which you grow your town to make it as large as possible. Safe for the whole family to play – simple enough for children, challenging for adults!

The more clever you are at building your town, the more points you score. You build your city by matching three or more game pieces: combine three grasses to make a tumble weed, three tumble weeds to make a cactus… until you’ve got some saloons, hotels, and even captured a few villains along the way.

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Boom Town is free to play. When you run out of space you can use dynamite to create some room. Earn or buy in-game gold to get more dynamite and moves. The more clever you are the more in-game gold you’ll earn!

Designed for use on iPhone and iPad, retina display ready.